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Zamani Foundation Launches Education,
Shelter and Healthcare Initiatives in Afghanistan

Youths in Afghanistan will soon have a place to develop trade skills, seek safe shelter, and accessible healthcare due to the efforts of US based Zamani Foundation. 

WASHINGTON, DC—Non-Profit Zamani Foundation officially launches efforts to provide children in Afghanistan education, shelter and health care. The goal of the US based foundation is to develop a safe and prosperous environment for the young children in a region ravaged by extreme poverty and civil war. 

At the core of Zamani Foundation initiatives is the development of a trade school that provides intensive and concentrated training in courses designed to develop an expertise in a certain trade, occupation and vocation. “The goal of Zamani Foundation is to help kids of war torn countries like Afghanistan to attain a better future with education and vocational training. At the same time, protecting them from being exploited by extremist elements of the society by keeping them off the streets,” says Mustafa Zamani, President of Zamani Foundation.  

Zamani Foundation’s plan also includes the creation of an orphanage for the children of Afghanistan. “According to UNICEF, 60% of children have lost at least one member of their family or close relatives; and over 600,000 children sleep on streets, that is unacceptable, our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable home for these children,” says Zamani. The orphanage is expected to house the most vulnerable members of the Kunar Province region in Afghanistan, the children. 

About Zamani Foundation
Zamani Foundation is a Non-Profit American based organization committed to providing shelter, tools of education and teaching trade skills opportunities to children across the world in indigent communities of the most underprivileged countries ravaged by poverty and civil war. Along with education and trade school training the foundation provides homes for orphans with other related developmental opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The current focus of the foundation is on the Afghanistan region, the foundation is a global organization focused on providing education to provide a life of opportunity.

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