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Zamani Foundation Launches New Project in Kunar Province, Afghanistan

Zamani Foundation in concert with its mission to help educate Afghan youth, embarked on a new project in January 2009, the Zamani Assistance Section (ZAS). The purpose of this project is to develop basic educational and vocational skills to better survive in the new developing and competitive Afghan society.

The Zamani Assistance Section (ZAS) is supporting the Afghan labor market by providing skilled labor and educated youth who are better able to compete in the Afghan work force. The location for the current ZAS project is in the Kunar province of Afghanistan, an area, which currently lacks international funds and resources. The Foundation has begun to focus more attention on the Kunar Province because of the obvious need of the population and the lack of response and funding from other international agencies in the area.

The Zamani Assistance Section (ZAS) is operating in partnership with local Afghan social service organizations such as the Afghanistan National Education Centre (ANEC). The local ANEC organization has been instrumental in propelling and implementing the mission of the Zamani foundation in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan.

Through the ANEC, the Zamani Foundation is providing basic education to the Afghan youth of the Kunar province, providing a base to develop their educational and vocational skills. This effort subsequently helps the local youth get better jobs and be a productive part of the Afghan society.

This effort is meant to encourage Afghan youth to be a productive part of the society, rather than part of violent, disgruntled and extremist groups of the Afghan civil war factions. The institution on the average graduates about 100 students in each quarter and to date produced about 800 skilled professional in the Kunar, Afghanistan area.

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Zamani Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public benefit, non-profit, international humanitarian organization established to provide shelter, tools of education and teaching trade skills to children in indigent communities of the most underprivileged countries ravaged by poverty and civil war.